About Us
Hawthorne Consulting Chartered Surveyors

About Us

The focus of the Practice is on: –

- Providing strategic advice to the construction and property investment industry.
- Adding commercial value to the construction development process.
- Managing risk as a technical deliverable for reducing cost through reducing risk in a development.
- Providing a quality service.
- Bringing integrity to the process.

Through this focus we aim to benefit our clients by providing: -

- Feasibility studies based on solid project deliverables.
- Cost predictability.
- Cost management to assist designers early in the design process to achieve design, specification and cost targets quickly, without having to continually “go back to the drawing board or re-invent the wheel.”
- Confidence to allow projects to develop smoothly within client controlled criteria and parameters.
- Projects delivered to time, to quality and to cost.
- Added value through value engineering, minimising waste, innovation, whole life cost management, risk management and effective procurement strategies.